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Youssef Rakha
Youssef Rakha
Sisters, brothers, children – dearly beloved:
It is official. With reviews in Die Welt and Der Spiegel, a radio narration in Germany and a television appearance in der Schweiz, your picaro Pir is now the Arab world’s official porn envoy to deutschsprachige territories. The awaited slim volume appeared not with my photographs as originally planned, however, but with, ahem, video stills. Happily, the good people at Der Spiegel chanced upon this photo-based response to the utter insanity of Cairo in 2012 and ran it alongside the review.
At the Sharjah Book Fair last week, we personally blessed this year’s IPAF winner Mohammed Hasan Alwan , who hadn’t had the good fortune since 2010. We also manifested our aura to The Seal’s fantastic publisher Michel Moushabeck, who offered the good news that a German edition is forthcoming with Verlag Hans Schiller.Speaking of which, let us all repent for our wayward brother Mustafa Çorbacı, who inexplicably buggered off one more time, didn’t he. I trust he caused enough heartache during his brief and sordid career as Postmuslim pundit, though I am told it wasn’t out of remorse but to make time for more lucrative endeavours that he desisted.
For those desirous of contributing to the Good Site, you may now provide audio interviews, readings or experiments as well as the usual photography and text, for our hallowed Podcast is open for business.On Twitter, you will be pleased to know, we are still posting and retweeting Cairo-related imagery, ѕυℓтαη’ѕ ѕєαℓ archives (as well as new posts, obviously) and occasional 140-character essays and photographs of our own. 
With the light of our prayers,Youssef Rakha
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Youssef Rakha
Youssef Rakha @Sultans_Seal

In 1963, when he came to Alexandria, David Hockney used Cecil Hotel stationary to make a beautiful sketch…

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