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Two Quick Things and Happy Ramadan

Youssef Rakha
Youssef Rakha
Dear partners in crime: On the first day of the holy month, while we continue to fester in place, I thought I’d share two very significant bits of information for your pleasure.First, in a long awaited move, is now – finally – This marks a true threshold in the history of the site and my own. For the foreseeable future this remains a labour of love, but it is now definitely and irretrievably separate from its founder.Secondly, I bought a mic. Combined with my mirrorless Canon, I discovered that a relative;y affordable contraption can actually make a very effective videography kit with which I intend to punish you by posting YouTube videos of me reading my work on a more or less regular basis. The first post-mic piece is “Sartre, My Father and Me”, a 2011 personal essay that’s proved popular through the years. Listen/watch in the charitable spirit of those blessed days if for no other reason. And please subscribe to my channel. Thank you.As for Ramadan, which coincides not only with Covid-19 but also with a dust storm here in Cairo, I leave you with this beautiful alphabetical chart in the shape of a mosque with a dua and lanterns:
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Youssef Rakha
Youssef Rakha @Sultans_Seal

In 1963, when he came to Alexandria, David Hockney used Cecil Hotel stationary to make a beautiful sketch…

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